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Where To Stop

There are many snowmobile friendly businesses throughout District 9 that will be thrilled to see you pull in with your sled and gear!  There is great trail access to these businesses, they are definitely in the business of catering to snowmobilers throughout the winter months, and they support our trail system annually.


If you are out on a day ride, or looking to plan a longer trip - you won't be disappointed if you patronize one of our District 9 supporters. Check out our specific pages on where to eat, where to stay, where to go for fuel and where to go for service or to purchase a new sled or gear!

District 9 is full of many places for you to stop and eat along your snowmobile journeys.  

Whether its for an overnight, a weekend, or a week long getaway - the accommodators listed know how to look after snowmobilers. 

The listed refuelling stations are active supporters of District 9 snowmobile trails.

Whether you are looking for a new sled or a reliable shop for repairs think of supporting these vendors that support the District 9 trail system. 

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